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My Baby Boy Logan

My baby boy Logan, I love you with all my heart

The day you left , I didn't want to part

I miss you more and more , with each passing day

Oh, What I would do , Just lay there and pray

I was blessed with 2 sons , To touch, to love, to hold

Then one day in January , You went home, I was told

At first I was irate with God, How dare He take MY son?

But then I did figure out, He doesn't do it for fun

As he reached out for your hand, The snow began to fall

His tears did flow for me, A perfect angel, He did call

You had a long life ahead, To play, to grow, to learn

Family who loves you, And wants you to return

Now all we have are memories, Of how you were back then

A smile that lit up any room, A life that should have been

Sometimes I'll catch your brother, Looking to the sky

Babble out a couple words, Then let out a tiny cry

Do you come to his dreams?  I know you come to mine

We all miss you so much, 128 days, not enough time!

Not a minute goes by, That you don't cross my mind

Like when Camryn crawls, talks, or plays, All I can do is sigh

Some say I put on a good front, But that's exactly what it is

I put on a smile, and shake my head, And go about my biz

Sometimes I just can't function, But I still try my best

All I can think about,  Is how I really was blessed

You may have left, Leaving your home and all your pain

But please believe me, Your short life was not in vain

I know someday , I will see you again

But please understand, That I don't know when

I've got a few years, Before I can hold you so tight

Rock you and kiss you, Each and every night

Until then,, Just hear this from me

You will always be MY Angel Logan, But, "Our Little E.T."

In Loving Memory of

Logan Ryan Godfrey

September 7, 2004

January 12, 2005

"Forever in our hearts"

"Forever in our thoughts"

This poem was written by me on November 11, 2005.  I was having a bad day and picked up a notebook and a pecil and began to write.  I have always been an avid writer, but was not able to write anything after Logan passed away.  This is the first time I was able to think clearly in 10 months and all my feelings came out.  This poem has been theraputic for me and I am hoping that it will help others who are in my position and not able to reach out.

"Logan Kisses"
Written 3-21-06
I wish you were here

For me to hold you so tight

I wish you were here

For me to kiss all night.  


I wish you were here

so I could see your every move

I wish you were here

So I could kiss your every bruise  


I wish you were here

so your brother could know you

 I wish you were here

Like the little boy that I knew.   .


My wishes will never come true

and I have come to understand

That all I can wish for

 is that you'll guide your brother to be a man.  


Now the only thing that I wish for

 Is a kiss from above

A kiss that only I can feel

From the little boy that I love.  


Some people call them "Angel Kisses"

Like a gentle breeze in the air

I'll name them "Logan Kisses"

From my little man up there.



This is the first picture of Camryn and Logan together.  They were only 5 minutes old.  Logan is the smaller of the 2.  He was 4 pounds 12 and 1/2 ounces and 18 inches long.  Camryn was 6 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long.  After Logan passed, I came to the conclusion that the light on Logan's diaper was God's way of telling me that he was here for a short period and to make the most of his time.